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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Originally Posted by Lead Cenobite View Post
What indication is there that the New 52 suit is rubber? Armor doesn't have to be rubber. The main reason they even use rubber in the movies is because it's a middle ground between flexibility and substantiality, and it's not usually acknowledged as being rubber, since plain old rubber isn't exactly body armor material anyway.

In the real world, there's no material that has both flexibility and a level of durability that Batman's suit usually has. Real world body armor is bulky and doesn't work nearly as well as Batman's.
Actually there is a real world material known as "liquid armor", a viscous material sandwiched between layers of fabric (sometimes Nomex IIRC)that has the flexibility of normal cloth until struck by a bullet, whereupon the molecules realign themselves instantaneously into an anti-ballistic hardness. No need for bulky plates and it would allow for the speed and mobility that Batman is known for.

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