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Default What villains should be sympathetic?

Batman's rogues gallery is famous for running the gamut from completely despicable with no redeeming features to very sympathetic anti-villain territory. Who should be sympathetic and why? Who should be irredeemably evil?

I started thinking about this topic after reading someone's analysis of two of Batman's most famous writers: Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. One is just about the only guy to write a sympathetic Joker story(the same one where he cripples Babs Gordon) and the other is famous for taking conventionally ambiguous villains like Magneto and the once ambiguous Talia and making them basically pitch-black villains.

Both methods work, but both approaches have hatedoms. Joker is pretty much never thought of as sympathetic, while some people find Talia in Batman Inc more of a caricature than an actual character. Quite a few people were disgusted at Batman and Joker sharing a laugh in the same graphic novel that features Barabara Gordon being crippled just because, and a few people are ticked off at Talia being sociopathic towards her son Damian, particularly since she barely tears up when her main henchmen murders him.

Personally, I prefer an unsympathetic Joker whose past life is shrouded entirely in mystery, while I prefer Talia to be more sympathetic. This is because I enjoy Joker the monster clown more than the failed comedian and actually want Talia to have character traits aside from hotness that attract Batman.

For other villains:
Mr. Freeze
Mad Hatter
Killer Croc (like the new 52)
Harley Quinn
Harvey Dent(good side of the coin)

Clay face
Two-face(dark side of the coin)
Hugo Strange

Variable from story to story:
Ra's Al Ghul
Poison Ivy

How about you guys?

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