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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 4

I don't wanna make a whole new thread because of this. But I do wanna hear about what you guys wanna see in the forthcoming trailer. It's almost guaranteed to premier in April. WHAT do you wanna see, seriously? I only wanna see two or three kickass action shots. Just ONE where people will actually go "Holy crap! That is something I have NOT seen in a superhero movie before!!".. The rest I wanna have relying on the drama, scope and tension of the whole thing. SHOW us all little "teasers" of why Cavill was cast to begin with. Hint at it for christ sakes. Show off some really good acting bits in this coming trailer. Oh, and Warner Bros! This time around. If you would be so kind to use music from the actual movie, yeah, that be great!

What do others wanna see?

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