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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by FilmNerdJamie View Post
With all the actors they're bringing back, absolutely. That's why I'm not knocking Lawrence on this. Whatsoever.

Her stock sky-rocketed post Hunger Games (She is a household name) and now with Silver Linings Playbook (both being a hit and making her an Oscar-winner) she is unstoppable. And yet she was contractually bound to return for Days of Future Past and they're not even planning on heavily utilizing her to boot.

I'd be frustrated too.
Agreed. They should have never optioned her contract if they didn't want to use the character more. She is the star of a massive franchise. This isn't like Emma Stone in Spider-Man or Halle Berry in James Bond, Lawrence is the above the title lead in The Hunger Games not a girlfriend who needs saving. I too would like her role to be better written in Days of Future Past.

And I will be pissed if they are shafting Fassbender because he was the best thing about the last film.

Also I thought Berry's complaints about Storm were on the mark. It's obvious that Singer doesn't care for that character or Cyclops.

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