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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Thats not confirmed. But remember, Jackman is one of the few characters who exist in both decades. It does make sense that he would show up in both times regardless how fans feel about his screen time.
Yeah but what the hell is he gonna do in 1973? Isn't there already another Wolverine running around in 'Nam? At least we won't have to worry about getting a Double Impact situation with two Wolverines in there, IF that's the case.

Seems kind of excessive. Unless the whole story revolves around Wolverine setting the future events in order, thereby saving the X-Men. Hopefully never joining the X-Men again in the future. Why would I want that either?

But it aligns with Rogue and Wolverine. If they go back, then they never meet the X-Men in the original, and the mutant war and eventual Sentinels never happen. I don't think it's coincidence if those are the two mutants. Especially when Kitty made sense due to her ability to go through a wormhole or some device without the audiences rolling their eyes a little wider. Plus the fact that she's featured in the comic.

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