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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mad Ones View Post
I want her role to be well written, but not be a huge part of the story. I don't care who's playing her, she's Mystique, and I want an X-men movie, you know, with actual X-men. She joined Magneto at the end of First Class. The only story left to tell is how she became the deadly killer in the original trilogy, which doesn't need to take up too much time.

Not that I believe any of this crap. All roles should be modest. I don't want to see too much Wolverine, Magneto, Rogue, etc. either. It's an ensemble.
If you think that the proven star of the franchise Wolverine is not going to have a huge amount of screentime you haven't watched the X-films.

I don't blame Fox for making Wolverine the star because the public loves Wolverine, Fox loves Wolverine and Singer loves Wolverine. They have built Wolverine up so much, I wonder if an X-film can be a huge hit without him.

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