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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
Yeah well is she coming back for something like that? To get killed off in the first 15 minutes? I think she is the actress that would take less money for an important role, and more money if it's a throw away role where Storm is like, "Hey everybody, it's ME!!! And now I'm dead." Then all the Storm fans who paid top dollar expecting to see her featured are pissed. We've seen stranger things happen before.

The biggest problem if there ever was one is Jackman. Looks like he is going to be the main muscle of the team. Who else can provide that? Beast is about brains, Magneto is about using his magic. Think it takes some action scenes potentially away from Mystique, because she can get her hands dirty.

Honestly did not expect Jackman to be a time traveler. Thought it would be Kitty or Rogue, or someone minor. It surprises me that Wolverine would be featured in the future and past, especially coming off The Wolverine
I'm a big fan of Storm but wouldn't expect the character to be a dominant player in this film.

We don't even yet have confirmation she is in the film.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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