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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

I think Wolverine's mind should get sent back. Consciousness time-travel, not physical time-travel.

This way there's no two Wolverines issue. (though having another Wolverine out in the wild that we don't see yet gives them a chance of bringing Wolvy back, perhaps with a different actor when Jackman is done)

I think he should get sent back to 1930, before all the events of First Class, so that the butterfly and the delicate nature of time-travel can account for all the differences between FC and the original movies, including Scott, Havoc, Jean, Emma Frost, Moira, etc all being born much earlier.

The caveat with time-travel is that it will slowly degrade his mind; something that even he can't heal from, bringing an end to the character once and for all. A fitting end I'd say. Sacrificing his own 'survival' (which his mutation made him the best at; his blessing/curse) for the survival of the human/mutant species.

And despite these lengthy thoughts, I still think he should be a side character, ala Spock in 2009 Star Trek.
Xavier or the younger (re-cast) Scott should be the lead, and the franchise should continue in the 70's.

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