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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
The third act of TDK is def better the first time though, the second time though, no so much. Don't remember any sweaty palms though. Goes to show what happens when you have an unpredictable villain. I'm sure the same effect happened in Bond. It's looses alot lot more than the usual film upon second viewing. The court room scene especially...

Anyways, now that we've seen the death statue in the batfilms(batman of all characters), I wonder if that either means we're more or less likely to get one the classic death statue of superman by trilogy's end.
Nothing has blown me away so much as Dark Knight did. The movie still gets to me every time I see it. There's not one little segment of that movie that drags at all. It evolves constantly, and it's a piece of almost perfection...

SkyFall did absolutely nothing for me. I will never understand why that movie has gotten so many great reviews. I don't care how many homages it payed to the old films and such. I found it very boring to say the least. Not a bad movie. Just boring. Casino Royal is, imo, ten times the movie SkyFall is.

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