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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Unless they are going to revamp the entire ROMY relationship I HOPE/Doubt Singer will go through with it. It's too Twilight'ish and not a very likable pairing.

Also, by the looks of the production it seems the movie is focusing more on the original cast than the FC cast. Probably with the exception of Fassbender who I think will receive an even meatier role. Paquin, Jackman, McKellen and Stewart all receieving meatier roles while McAvoy, Ashmore and Page probably receive lesser importance. It's not a bad thing but I think Ashmore and Page probably wanted to join the cast because of the exposure than the actual script itself. Being in an X-Men film is high profile and with Singer back at the helm any of the cast is more than happy to be in this installment.

Reason I thinK Paquin is receiving a meatier role is because Singer's affection for Paquin and seem to love the character. He did build her up quite a bit in X2 it was the TLS that destroyed everything Singer had invested. Also, Paquin is a huge star with her leading role in True Blood people not only know her from X-Men but from True Blood which is on HBO so it's not necessarily TV because it's on pay Cable.

I think he'll want to fix everything that was destroyed.

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