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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Bryan had mentioned Anna has one of leading stars of his X-Men films with Hugh Jackman,Patrick Stewert,and Ian Mckellen.

I have been a big fan of rogue and Gambit.I had no trouble with her and Iceman.The 1990's X-Men animated series made some think Rogue Is nothing anyless they devolp her and Gambit.

Ellen Page may be In this film to take some screentime In future working with jackman while Paquin finishes True Blood season 6.

If,and that Is the question,If the star report Is close to any reality that hints she will join Jackman as the time traveling characters.

I anticapte the villains for film will be Fassbender and Peter Dinklage's character.Dinklage working on weapons for government Including sentinles to be used against
Mutants.Fassbender planning to kill those working against Mutants.

Ashmore Is returning because Singer wants him In film and he Is happy to be in big film again.Patrick Stewert and Ian Mckellen may both be key to launch time travel scheme.
Ashmore,Page,probally Halle Berry,and possibily Rebecca Romijn will be less than Stewert,Mckellen,Jackman,and Anna.

Mcavoy will probally be 1973 era X-Man to get most focus but he may have to share focus with Jackman and Paquin If they are time travelers.

I think Jennifer Lawrence could spend a lot of time undercover as human In government and most of her time In Blue makeup could be during brotherhood efforts against

First Class was first step to getting franchise back to where It was after X2,and DOFP Is final step.

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