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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique: Oscar Winner Edition

Originally Posted by Super Film View Post
My main concern is with the design of the character itself. One of the film series greatest accomplishments, in my opinion, is the concept and execution of the design of Mystique. She's looked deadly and alien and sexy all at once. But in X-Men: First Class, that execution seemed to falter.
Well, the whole approach to the character was different in the two films. In the original series, Mystique is an exotic, sexy femme fatale, so the design of the character would do everything possible to accentuate that. In FC, she is a young insecure girl who has trouble accepting her natural shape, so the "sexy and deadly" was not really a priority there.

I wonder how body suit will work; is it going to be a full-on Mystique suit or are they going to add the finer details like scales later? It's going to be one tight bodysuit, too

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