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Default Re: Anyone feel the same way...?

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
It seems I misunderstood you then.

The smokey/noir stuff is something I've always wanted more of in Batman, so we're on stark opposite ends of the preference spectrum there.

I didn't like how Gotham became visually sterile and more of a generic NYC-clone feeling place as the films progress.
Yeah, just tastes/preferences I suppose. Gotham during most of the Adams era was portrayed as looking like a real city. I didn't find it 'sterile' as you say, I thought it lent great weight to the proceedings. Feeling the big, open world that WAS our world made it feel bigger, more important to me. The unique structure and style, the insane stories helped too.

I can see why people like the cluttered, smokey Gotham from some of the comic book eras, and BB recreated that almost perfectly (I remember people complaining about there not being enough 'spires'). I wouldn't have liked that, but I know why you or others do.

Personally, just for the sake of something different, I'm hoping for kind of a mixture of those looks for the next iteration. Maintain the sheer scale of the Nolan world, but augment the hell out of the buildings to create a slightly more gothic appearance (the aforementioned spires etc)...but I still don't want much smoke or steam.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
One giant setup for the sequel? How do you say? Besides the little hint of the Joker card, I found it to be very much standalone and could have been if there was never a sequel after. Very different when I walked out of the first showing of The Dark Knight when I felt a sequel was necessary.

And RustyCage, you bring up, as you usually always do, a valid point on Bruce's action as being more careless and "immature", but I found it as just having a big head in returning into action thinking everything will be a breeze to go through, even by downsizing Bane(no pun intended) by saying he's just a mercenary and by saying he beat Ra's al Ghul who "was the League of Shadows".
It's strange. Like everyone else, I took the Joker card as a sign of "Everything's established, now ***** gonna get CRAZY in the next one" and I wasn't disappointed. With TDK... usually after a movie, I chatter away, talking about what I liked and I'm excited for the sequel etc. But with TDK I sat in the theatre afterwards, frozen with awe at what I'd just seen, completely silent. It was a great feeling. And for the first time, I though to myself "If they don't do a sequel, I'm happy. I can take that sacrifice/victory at the end of the movie as the true victory in the war". Having seen TDKR however, I'm very glad I got a third one.

About Batman's recklessness in the first half of TDKR, I took that has him losing control a little... Bruce becoming Batman again for the first time in years - after not having him or Rachel or really Wayne Enterprises to channel his needs into - was like a recovering addict who getting his first fix in years. He seemed downright gleeful when he was Batman again, getting to exert his rage. But, as I said, it was becoming counterproductive to his overall mental health. Batman was like a treatment for him, not a solution. That's when the pit came.

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