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Default Re: What Bat females do you want?

Originally Posted by quixote_coyote View Post
im afraid the ga would percieve her as an antisocial/unlikeable/unrelatable character. not that id mind her, but i just think there are more characters deserving of screen time and to have their story told than cassy cain. i think u could take the cooler attributes from every batgirl and give them to barbara
I can see what you mean, but I don't think blending Cassandra Cain with any of the other Batgirls is a good idea. She was built from the ground up as a radically different character; Joe Kelly specifically wanted to create a female crime fighter whose defining characteristic was her ability to more than hold her own with her opponents. Babs is more of a "girl power" distaff counterpart to Robin; largely the same applies to Stephanie Brown, and to a much lesser extent Batwoman (in her original incarnation). Cassandra is someone who has worse social skills than Batman, but arguably a bigger heart (at least in any of her stories written by a competent writer), an even stricter no killing policy (she literally gave herself a birthday present by stopping an execution and is downright suicidal against some opponents) and a blatantly greater skill at Kung fu.

Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain are polar opposite characters. And combining characters is always kind of a tricky road. I personally believe there's enough innovation in the entire Batfamily you should be able to portray just about everyone in a lim at some point or another.

And I can see why you'd think Babs should have a start in the spotlight; she is the first big hit and the longest lasting (not counting Catwoman, who really shouldn't count as a choice on this thread). In terms of precedence, she shares the same position Dick Grayson does compared to the other sidekicks. But I honestly think Cassandra Cain is far more interesting and has more potential, at least if they write Barabar with the same skill set she currently has in the new 52.

I'd be satisfied with Babs as long as they gave her her Oracle skills and a practical approach to crime fighting. That's how she reaches a potential I'd watch in a movie; being scary and dangerous in at least one area even more than Batman. But if she's stuck in the Silver Age as only the spunky Dominoed Daredoll, I'll be deeply disappointed.

P.S. why do you think Cass would be seen as anti-social? Most of the time she's written as a very open and friendly character who just has some trouble communicating. I can understand how she'd be unrelatable-most of us can't read violence-but I'd think her having struggles with talking and expressing herself would overcome that.

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