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Default Re: Original and Older Professor X: The Patrick Stewart Thread

What's with the evil-looking ginger cat in the second pic? Is Professor X a cat person? (all the more reasons to like him if he is )

Unless he is only appearing in a flashback, I have absolutely no idea how they're going to deal with his death in X3. The brain-dead twin twist (yeah so I just happened to have a never-mentioned twin brother lying around in case my body gets blown to tiny molecules by an uber-powerful being) is so bloody awful it would be laughed off Dallas. And if they actually are going with it they might need to remind the general audience about it in case they never stuck around for after the credits. Which would then make the whole movie a small fraction more lame.

I don't know about the mind travel either. Apart from everything else, it just seems terribly uncinematic. And I think that if it does happen, they'd need to explain why Professor X doesn't just mind-travel into the past to correct bad stuff all the time. Like maybe, travelling back to Oxford and warning himself about that metal-bending guy he's about to pull out of the water

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