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Default Re: The All Encompassing AQUAMAN Movie Thread

I can see that. I could also see it starting like Superman Returns movie.

Arther as a child, young boy, living with his father on the sea shore. Cut to a dark and stormy night as huge waves crash against the rocks at the foot of the light house. His father rushing franticly down the stares of his light house, to make sure Arther was in his room safe.
the voice overs of the trailer have young Arther asking, what are you afraid of Dad? And the father saying, I'm afraid they'll take you back.
Then cut to Arther as a young adult breaking down the door of his house that is surrounded by the media, cameras, reporters. He breaks down the door and runs outside furious and jumps in the ocean.
Cut again to Arther now and adult as Aquaman, returning home to land for his father's funeral.

Maybe the movie could be about how Arther and his father had a huge fight, about him being from Atlantis and wanting to go back or his father not wanting him to go back. They fight, and he never returns until its too late. Or maybe he leaves because he is hounded by the press and air breathers because the doctor who treated him leaked it to the media that he is a fishman.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Maybe the movie could be about Aquaman becoming ruler of Atlantis, almost proving himself. His half brother Orm is the true ruler, but is leading Atlantis down a troubled path of war with the surface and Arther must stop his half brother and take over as ruler of Atlantis to make sure there is no war between Atlantis and the surface.
he almost has to sacrifice his life on land to keep harmony.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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