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Default DOFP Marketing Thread: What would you like Fox to do/show?

Appart from the exciting Top billing discussion recently and the recent great news of John Ottman back, Halle Berry almost confirmed and The Hobbit III pushed back, lets talk a little bit about what we would love to see from Fox marketing team, on all areas, but in the long run, since this right moment, and the short one, closer to release.

We already know that DOFP will be present on San Diego Comic Con, thanks to Bryan Singers twitter, but what more stuff do you expect this time? taking into acount that this is Fox Big Event movie of their comic properties, and at the same time, taking into account what other studios have done with their big movies, and what Fox has done with the previous x-men movies.

So lets be realistic, but dont be shy either

Oh, and at the same time, since we still are more than a year away from the sequel release, wont be a bad idea to remember the marketing stuff of previous x-men movies.

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