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Default Re: Anyone feel the same way...?

Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
It's strange. Like everyone else, I took the Joker card as a sign of "Everything's established, now ***** gonna get CRAZY in the next one" and I wasn't disappointed. With TDK... usually after a movie, I chatter away, talking about what I liked and I'm excited for the sequel etc. But with TDK I sat in the theatre afterwards, frozen with awe at what I'd just seen, completely silent. It was a great feeling. And for the first time, I though to myself "If they don't do a sequel, I'm happy. I can take that sacrifice/victory at the end of the movie as the true victory in the war". Having seen TDKR however, I'm very glad I got a third one.
That's the exact same reaction I had for BB and TDK man. I can't deny it, I remember telling my friends after TDK that I'd be okay if they didn't make another one. Looking back I think a lot of it had to do with Heath not being around and me thinking there was no way they could top that.

But like you, I'm so glad we got a third one and to my delight they found plenty of ways to surpass themselves yet again. But the main value of making Rises was that there was so much that Bruce still needed to overcome and it was extremely rewarding to get to finally see that. And also just tying up the whole trilogy into a neat package. BB and TDK are so different that if they stood alone it would have just felt like two movies. The third movie synthesizes them (while being its own thing as well) and melds the whole package together into what we now know as The Dark Knight Trilogy. It also made both prior movies even better in the process.

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