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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
Pretty much I've been deeply depressed since 14. So of course I don't see the sunny outlook others see. Even if I had immense wealth. But no I don't only trust depressed people but overly happy people to the point of irritating behavior I don't like. It's like you couldn't even have a real sincere conversation because they are too busy being happy about their own lives. How could you even relate to someone like that. How could they relate to you? So, I just prefer to stay away from people like that.
I feel bad for you in a way if you've been depressed for that long, but at the same time i think you should stop whining and moaning on here. Bad things happen to all of us, rich or poor. People like Jim Carrey, or most comedians have been depressed in their lives and they deflect with humor and always putting on a smile. It makes themselves feel better, and it makes others feel better. Then there are naturally happy people. If everything was going well in MY life and i had great fortune (like Anne) i would be the same way.

She seems like she's always been a person who looks on the positive side of things. People have different beliefs man. Just because you obviously have no faith in humanity and always look to the negative after all the bad **** in ur life, doesnt mean that people who are the opposite of you should be ridiculed and called phony.

I, myself, might not have much, and i dont have the best of luck, but i appreciate what's in my life and yes i am a happy person despite all of it. If i was rich, and was happy in front of the media, happy to be at the oscars, happy to star in movies whether fans like them or not....i certainly wouldn't give a damn what the negative people thought of me. And you wonder why she's happy??? Look at what it is in her life. If you had the same success you would be too so stop knocking ppl down just because YOU dont have their life. Stop the jealousy.

Good for Anne. Im not naturally as chippery as her, but she has a different personality, so who cares.

There's a difference between snobby, fake smile, rich people who talk like they're above you, etc. And then Anne Hathaway. Who is just naturally happy. Everybody deserves that kind of happiness, including you bud, but you're never gonna get there if you keep projecting your life onto the "happier people".

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