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Default Re: Jimmy/Jenny - where do you stand?

Originally Posted by ImAlwaysAngry View Post
Like the big name they got to play Bucky in Captain America, right? Or hey, what about the last guy playing Olsen! There's a name you can easily remem... Wait.

Well, in the context of - specifically - the MOS casting, even the smaller roles are filled by relatively known actors (Meloni, Schiff, Lennix, Zurer, Traue). And even if Jimmy/Jenny gets consigned to not much more than a cameo this time, the production has sort of committed itself to the actor for possible sequels (where, it might be assumed, the DP gets more screentime). But you never know. Perhaps this will be Rebecca Buller’s (I looked up her name) big break. I wish her luck.

Hey, you really are angry.

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