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Default Re: Doctor Strange Casting Poll

Revised Poll choices (subject to change):

Richard Armitage
Adrian Brody
Jim Caviezel
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Benedict Cumberbatch
John Cusack**
Patrick Dempsey
David Duchovny**
Jean Dujardin
Joel Edgerton
John Hawkes**
Oscar Isaac*
Jason Isaacs**
Jude Law
Jeffrey Dean Morgan**
Viggo Mortensen
Liam Neeson
Timothy Olyphant
Clive Owen
Lee Pace
Joachin Phoenix
Michael Sheen*
Alexander Skarsgard*
Mark Strong*
Karl Urban***
Christoph Waltz**

I edited the original list to add Isaac, Sheen, Skarsgard and Strong. The list is in alpha order for the sake of fairness. Someone said Liam Neeson wasn't mentioned, but he has been by several people and was always on the revised list.

So now we have twenty-five choices for a new poll. Polls here can have up to 40 options, I believe, so if anyone wants to throw other (credible) names out there, they can be added. Since this thread was started five years ago I am going to ask the mods if a new poll can be started that uses the updated list. This thread is on its last legs, anyway. Post additional actors you'd like to see play Stephen Strange, and if I get permission to post a new poll thread they'll be added.

Now I have to decide whether the poll should be multiple choice. Thoughts?

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