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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

Originally Posted by theman View Post
batmans suit. when has it EVER looked like puzzle piece armor with a helmet head and skeleton neck?
Around the same time it looked like black rubber.....oh wait it never did.

the tumbler thing. when has the batmobile EVER looked like a tank? (please dont site the one time only elseworlds DKR)
Ok, I'll show you one from Batman: The Cult instead:

who the hell is rachel dawes? she was never in the comics.
Who the hell is Max Schreck?

Who the hell is Carl Grissom?

batman faking his death and retiring as batman? ...... this would never happen in the comics.
The Joker killing Batman's parents. That would never happen in the comics.

bruce wayne stops crimfighting for 7 years after harvey died??? another WTF decision by nolan. batman would never do this in the comics.
Batman ripping his mask off in front of a villain just to get Catwoman to come and move in with him. That would never happen.

scarecrow wears nothing but a simple burlap bag over his head, looking like a common hood and not the costumed horrific master of terror like he in the comics and the akrham assylum game.
The Penguin wearing a big white dirty baby gro.

Btw you know they've adopted that Scarecrow look into the comics?

catwoman looking more like julie newmar from the 60's show and not like the masked avenger of the comics. this is clearly a case where burton trumps nolan. also, no whip??? only a gun??? cmon now, this is a hallmark of the character.
Catwoman started out in her early appearances with no whip at all. You know like how Batman started as a cold blooded killer like Burton's Batman was.

Should we start on Penguin having a mob of murderous circus guys working for him in Returns? That is a hallmark Joker's style trait, not Penguin's. He doesn't affiliate with gangs of clowns.

when has joker EVER been a greasy long hair painted up psycho? he was supposed to be dropped in the vat of acid that made his skin white and everything. thats the official comics canon, not this nolanized made-up "realistic" joker whos no different then your average serial killer with a brain.

When has Joker ever been an art obsessed, Vicki Vale stalking psychopath who was screwed over by a crime boss because he was diddling his girlfriend?

well answer my question then, when has batman ever simply retired?
You may as well ask when has The Joker or The Penguin ever been killed off permanently like in Burton's movies, instead of spending years fighting Batman like in the comics? It's a movie universe not the comics. It doesn't go on forever.

then there are the aesthetic choices, like making gotham city into a normal everyday place and not the dark creepy foreboding city of the comics or past films.
Gotham has been portrayed as a normal looking city for decades in the comics. There was even times when it looked like New York:

or stopped crimefighting cuz his GF died?
That's not why he stopped. He stopped because crime was eradicated in Gotham thanks to Dent's legacy.

please. there are no excuses for this. why people give nolan a free pass is beyond me. at least admit when a director goofs up.
You haven't even gotten half of these so called goofs right! And 75% of them are laughable visual nit picks. Should we start slamming Burton's Harvey Dent because he was a black guy?

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