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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by Guerrilla View Post
I dont think that female characters are expendable. The post I was responding to stated that BW was "so safe" because she is the only female superhero in the avengers. I disagree. I think she could be replaced with another female character...or two. I don't think simply because she is the only female in the avengers right now, that THAT makes her safe. You know?
Also, I wasn't trying to say that if BW would get killed or replaced it would HAVE to be a female replacement. If thats what it came off like. I apologize. She could also be easily replaced with a dude. I don't see Cap, IM, Thor or Hulk really goin anywhere anytime soon. That leaves Black Widow & Hawkeye.
Sorry I'm just use to that kind of response with Black Widow so I guess I read in to your post too much my apologies

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