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Default Re: Anyone feel the same way...?

Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
Yeah, just tastes/preferences I suppose. Gotham during most of the Adams era was portrayed as looking like a real city. I didn't find it 'sterile' as you say, I thought it lent great weight to the proceedings. Feeling the big, open world that WAS our world made it feel bigger, more important to me. The unique structure and style, the insane stories helped too.

I can see why people like the cluttered, smokey Gotham from some of the comic book eras, and BB recreated that almost perfectly (I remember people complaining about there not being enough 'spires'). I wouldn't have liked that, but I know why you or others do.

Personally, just for the sake of something different, I'm hoping for kind of a mixture of those looks for the next iteration. Maintain the sheer scale of the Nolan world, but augment the hell out of the buildings to create a slightly more gothic appearance (the aforementioned spires etc)...but I still don't want much smoke or steam.
Actually, I was one of the people naysaying the over-dramatic 'goth' approach for Begins. It was fine for more artistic/symbolic movies like Burton's take. I'm open to that, but it was clear it would've been inappropriate this time. I was ready for a 'literal' Batman take. Hyped.

I guess that's what it boils down to in each movie, what is appropriate for the story being told that particular time. So, considering, I'm not too whiny about it, even if I would have liked more of it.

But yeah, more to the point, I thought they struck a beautiful balance with atmosphere vs reality in Begins. It was smokey and noirish, but still very grounded. It didn't lose it's heart, but it also didn't lose it's footing. Nothing too over the top.

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