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Default Re: You'll Believe a Man can Lounge

Nice Lounge. Not exactly 'Trees Lounge', but a bit close all the same. LOL.

I was U-Tube hopping when I came across this - The Legacy of German Expressionism:.

Fyi, German Expressionism was a creative style in painting, film, and building, etc., developed in Germany before 1st World War up to its peak in the 1920s. German Expressionism film period was short-lived as Hitler & the Nazis came to power in 1933 and these were considered degenerative art.

However, some German film-makers fled to America and their styles transported to Hollywood as evidenced in their influence on the early horror films most notably Karl Freund's Dracula and The Mummy. Alfred Hitchcock was one of the earliest directors to be influenced by this style of film-making.

Directors like Ridley Scott, Tim Burton & Christopher Nolan are simply the latest in the long line of film-makers whose influence goes back to the German Expressionism. Burton's style is heavily influenced by German Expressionism, Nolan is more subtle, more similar to Film Noir which incidentally was an offshoot of Hollywood's German Expressionism. Scott's Blade Runner has heavy influences of Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

When I watched the second trailer for Man of Steel, combining with the first teaser and the snippet from Goyer's interview, I'm increasingly wondering if Snyder is going to become a discipline of Terrence Malick. . I doubt it because Snyder is mostly a visual director (much more than Malick) and a versatile filmmaker who can adapt to different styles, but is a weak storyteller. Malick's films are all uniquely Malick and they're reflection of his world view which can be be based on his experience as a doctoral level academia of (mostly Existentialism) Philosophy of Heideger, Kierkegard, Wittgenstein et al., and also published works like translation of Heidegger’s The Essence of Reasons.

But hey, it is good that Snyder is taking Superman in a slightly different direction. This is what I'm happy about - MOS seems to be devoid of Nolan's noir-like influence. If people said that Nolan influenced Snyder in term of style they could be more wrong as Snyder can never approach film style of noir variety or the extreme ones like Burton's. I hope that in the future Snyder evolves his own style and become a better storyteller as I very much love his style as much I love Malick's.

German Expressionism films on U-Tube - all full film:

Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari1920):

F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu (1922):

Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927):

Fritz Lang's M (1931):

Fritz Lang's Mabuse (1933) which was banned a few months after the Nazis came to power and was deemed to be too anti-Nazis:

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