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I found this interesting I know what other already said about this but the dev's actually wanted this on this system. as it says here.

  • Crysis 3 Almost Came To Wii U

    News on Mar 02, 2013 at 04:53 PM

    According to Crytek's founder, CEO, and president, Cevat Yerli, Crysis 3 was up and running on the Wii U, but a lack of support from Nintendo and Electronic Arts meant it was never going to make it to retail.
    ... More
source :GI

It's their publisher that screwed things over. Now we all know the full deal. but the more important thing here is the Wii U can handle the engine crytek made. So no can it can't and that mean others using the same kind of excuse, don't really have one ether.

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