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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

Joker's post cut truth into some of your claims, but I'm gonna go into the others, as well as expand a bit on a couple of his.

Originally Posted by theman View Post
batmans suit. when has it EVER looked like puzzle piece armor with a helmet head and skeleton neck?
It's been armored, segmented, and helmeted many times. How is Burton's any less unique?

Believe it or not, in 1989, there were people upset that Batman was all-black and wearing rubber, because it was so 'outlandish' and different.

who the hell is rachel dawes? she was never in the comics.
She's an amalgamation of various other characters from the books. For simplicity's sake, as well as screen time. Julie Madison is one obvious example.

See: The 'Secret Origins' Batman stories.

Should be noted that Nolan also had a pair of cops in The Dark Knight based on Bullock and Montoya, but with new names.

batman faking his death and retiring as batman? ...... this would never happen in the comics.
The Dark Knight Returns, although it was in the opposite order.

bruce wayne stops crimfighting for 7 years after harvey died??? another WTF decision by nolan. batman would never do this in the comics.
The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Beyond. But for way longer than 7 years.

catwoman looking more like julie newmar from the 60's show and not like the masked avenger of the comics. this is clearly a case where burton trumps nolan. also, no whip??? only a gun??? cmon now, this is a hallmark of the character.
The original Catwoman had a purple dress, bare legs, and a green cape. She also had her hair flowing out, Burton's didn't.

I don't see the need to nitpick creative redesigns (all of which have been good if you ask me), but you're simply incorrect.

when has joker EVER been a greasy long hair painted up psycho? he was supposed to be dropped in the vat of acid that made his skin white and everything. thats the official comics canon, not this nolanized made-up "realistic" joker whos no different then your average serial killer with a brain.
It's strange to me that you think the reason his face is white is all that separates him from being an 'average' serial killer. Better yet, I question your understanding of the 'average' serial killer. The Joker in The Dark Knight was far more than that.

The Joker has never had a solid origin story. It's all what-ifs. The Joker himself doesn't even remember. The acid thing was one of the what-ifs.

nolans Ra's wasnt changed very much from the comics.
Ra's was combined with a character called Henri Ducard. He wasn't the sole mentor of Bruce Wayne (or even around during Wayne's globe-trotting) in the books, and he isn't an eco-terrorist in Begins as he often is in the books.

but burtons penguin and nolans joker were both RADICAL departures from there comic counterparts.
They're extensions, not departures. They're based HEAVILY on comic material (as Joker - the user here - illustrates thoroughly with his awesome blog). There was a lot of love, care, and research put into this.

then there are the aesthetic choices, like making gotham city into a normal everyday place and not the dark creepy foreboding city of the comics or past films.
As Joker pointed out, it's quite commonly been portrayed as a 'normal' city in the books, but Begins and TDK had the Narrows, which evoked a nice smokey, noir vibe that was far from normal.

I would prefer a more unique city too, but let's not skew reality.

much of nolans creative choices just seem so uninspired to me.
Are you trolling? You just chewed him out for being TOO creative and taking 'more liberties than Burton and Schumacher' and now you're calling him uninspired?? Seriously?

He reinvented and improved major things, breathed new creative life and depth into them. The way Batman's suit functions, down to the last microscopic detail, for starters.

Just going to pretend you never said the 'underplayed' or 'the Schumacher days were better than this' rubbish.

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