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Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
Id imagine people that only had a Wii (yes they exist). Its too bad bc Nintendo is in the same position it was last year. They had virtually no games coming out for the Wii in 2012 and that was bc all the games were gearing up to come out on the Wii U. Now that a year has passed and the Wii U is here, people are still waiting on games. Its a bad way to botch up a year head start bc once the other two release their system, I don't think Nintendo can really compete. Now is the time to grab people and truly sell them on the system before MS and Sony come out and entice them to just wait for the fall.
Did you mean wii or wii U? Actually I'd even more want to hear the opinions of a serious gamer who owned only a wii all these years.

Yes, a year's headstart should be a massive advantage. I didn't take the original XBox seriously so wasn't anticipating the 360 at all. There was zero chance of me getting one but after waiting a year and then being told to wait 4 more months for PS3 it only took a few videos of the original Gears of War (& the fact that everyone seemed to have & love their 360 back then) for me to get one. The headstart was the only advantage that influenced my decision. Probably why Sony have made sure it doesn't happen again.

The thing is, if Nintendo were to encourage 3rd party titles as far as they possibly could, games like Crysis 3 could fill this void until their big hitters..hit. Keep the launch momentum going all the way until that 1st next gen Zelda title.

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