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Originally Posted by SV Fan View Post
I agree with this, when Lana left it seems like they gave Chloe some of what i would consider "bad Lana plots"(ie the relationship angst plots)
I first started to really dislike Chloe when they kept doing the on again off again relationship with Jimmy. I really hated the triangle they tried to do with Kara, mostly because that just seemed to be a plot device to give those characters something to do.

I think this was my bigger issue with the character then being shot into angsty relationship plots in later seasons(as bad as they were). I had no problem Chloe being used every now and then like they used her in early seasons but starting around Season 5 it was like Clark couldn't go to the washroom without consulting with Chloe first. It basically felt like Chloe to often was built up by dumbing down Clark so her character could have a bigger purpose. The show would be better served if Clark came to her on occasion for the odd piece of info in those early seasons, but let the heroics lie squarely on the shoulders of Clark and let Chloe be off doing her own thing and mainly used as a character Clark can talk to about stuff in his personal life(not hero life). I am guessing though the producers figured they would pander to the Chloe fanbase and have Chloe more active him sidekicking for Clark since it would give her more screentime and a bigger purpose.
Yeah, I remember early in the series, they said Chloe was supposed to be like the audience's voice, and also the person who basically explained everything in a short time so the audience could understand what was going on, since Allison was so good at doing exposition and making it seem natural. I didn't mind that, but once they made her Clark babysitter, it did seem like a distraction. If anything, I think they should've killed her at the end of season 3.

But I really hated her after season 8 because it was clear that Brian and Kelly loved her more and put her more in the spotlight than Clark. I also liken her return in season 10 to Lana's return in season 8, where it just didn't fit and killed the momentum of the first half. The truth is, Chloe only became a big chsaracter because Lana and Martha were gone, so they needed somebody, and they had not yet pulled the trigger on Lois and Clark. But that's why season 9 is my favorite, because Clark no longer relied on Chloe and they finally started to build up a likeable female that actually pushed Clark on his journey, as opposed to holding him back.

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