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Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Smith's dialogue was definitely better
I don't agree with that. Kevin Smith scripted Lois saying with Clark Kent "It's always, 'Gee, shucks Lois,' and all that Kansas boy scout babble" and Lois refers to Clark as "Dudley Do-Right" and says "I'm the kind of woman who likes a man in tights." Superman pulls glasses from his cape and puts them on and says he's Clark and Lois faints and then says "Must we go though this every night?" So she mocks Clark and fake faints every night already knowing the secret identity. When Superman asks her for dinner she says "Not Burger King again." Lois says to Superman "You're such a goof" for drinking orange juice. Superman says about Krypton "There was a planet. It blew up. End of story." Lois says to Jimmy, "Would you shut up all ready." L-Ron says "B*tch, b*tch, b*tch." The Eradictor says to Superman "B*tch b*tch b*tch." Lex Luthor "I can't believe the b*tch tagged me." L-Ron says "Back to your tree, monkey man." and calls Lex Luthor "Baldy." Lex Luthor wears a t-shirt that say "I'M A MANIAC FOR BRAINIAC", Lex Luthor calls Superman "Stupid-Man." Superman says to the Eradictor "On our way, buddy. WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!" Superman says to the Eradicator, “You’ve been in the Fortress all this time and I didn’t know it?!? Wait, wait, wait… did you ever see Lois and I… while we… Well, why the hell did you never say anything?!” Etc., etc. I don't consider that definitely better dialogue.

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Man-Bat what are some of the differences in both drafts of Kevin Smith's Superman Lives?
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The January 31st, 1997 Superman Lives script by Kevin Smith opens on Krypton at the Council meeting were Jor-El tells the Council members that Krypton is doomed and they must all leave the planet and they don't believe him and mock him and laugh at him. The Council calls on Brainiac who tells them that Krypton is in no danger. Jor-El says, "He's lying!" The Council hall begins to crumble as the surface of Krypton explodes. Jor-El runs to his lab. The Eradicator with the "S" emblem saves Lara from an elevator shaft. Jor-El rockets Kal-El with the Eradicator off Krypton. Krypton explodes. Kal-El's rocketship goes past Brainiac's satellite. Brainiac says, "Predictable to the last, Jor-El. It took the destruction of your planet, but I now have access to your precious Eradicator technology." Brainiac's satellite shoots a blue beam of light at Kal-El's rocketship, to suck energy from it. Brainiac says, "Ahhhhh! The power!" Brainiac's satellite suddenly transforms itself into the Skull Ship. Suddenly the space surrounding what was Krypton transforms into a Black Hole, sucking Brainiac's Skull Ship into it and fire sweeps through the Skull Ship, burning Brainiac, as Brainiac says "Nooooo!"

In the January 31st, 1997 script by Kevin Smith, on the island of Corto Maltese Superman fights Aquaman villain Black Manta and his Manta Ray submarine and Batman villain Deadshot. Deadshot yells, "WE CLAIM THE ISLAND OF CORTO MALTESE IN THE NAME OF THE LEGION OF DOOM!!!" Superman easily defeats them. Black Manta's helmet explodes in Superman's hands, but doesn't hurt Superman or anyone at all.

In the January 31st, 1997 script by Kevin Smith, the Skull Ship blasts a laser at the Metropolis Bridges suspension cables. The bridge begins to snap and crumble. Superman strains to hold the suspension cables. Superman says "Need...more...strength." The Eradictor says to Superman "B*tch...b*tch...b*tch."

In the January 31st, 1997 script by Kevin Smith, Superman says to the Eradictor "On our way, buddy. WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!"

The March 27th, 1997 Superman Lives script by Kevin Smith opens in space with an alien space ship approaching what they think is an asteroid, and it is actually Brainiac's Skull Ship and tentacles wrap themselves around the space ship, and sucks the electrical energy out of the space ship. Brainiac enters the space ship and the aliens shoot him with laser guns but it has no effect and Brainiac grabs the laser guns, jamming them into his body -- consuming the lasers into his form, energizing. Brainiac drops the laser guns, and his hands morph into tendrils, which plunge into the chests of the aliens. He absorbs the aliens life forces and they explode, covering the space ship cabin in goo. Brainiac takes the Thanagarian Snare Beast, infancy stage, from the alien space ship.

In the March 27th, 1997 script by Kevin Smith, on Hob's Bay Street in Metropolis Superman fights Batman villain Deadshot and masked thugs. Superman defeats them easily.

In the March 27th, 1997 script by Kevin Smith, Lex Luthor has a girlfriend named Misty. There is a scientist named Shuster working at Lextech.

In the March 27th, 1997 script by Kevin Smith, two statue-like polar bears are outside the massive front doors of the Fortress of Solitude, obviously at Jon Peters request.

In the March 27th, 1997 script by Kevin Smith, Superman says "You've been in the Fortress all this time and I didn't know it?!? (thinks) Wait, wait, wait... did you ever see Lois and I... while we...Well, why the hell did you never say anything?!"

There's an apartment building fire in the March 27th, 1997 script by Kevin Smith. Tenants pour out of the building. The Eradicator kicks a hydrant open and water begins spilling onto the street. Superman soaks himself in it from head to toe. He races off into the building, leaving the Eradicator just standing there. Superman powerlessly saves everyone in the burning building.

Kevin Smith has Jimmy Olsen say "Holy ****!" when he sees Superman in the March 27th, 1997 script by Kevin Smith.

In April, 1997 Tim Burton signed on to directed Superman Lives and had Wisley Strick (who had doctored Daniel Waters' Batman Returns script) doctor Kevin Smith's two drafts, retaining the basic plot and story structure, adding Tim Burton's own ideas and removing the majority of Jon Peters' ideas.

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Ill have to read Stricks again.

Also on the subject above of scripts my favourite script was definitely the Cary Bates one. I'd have loved to have seen that film made in the 90s.
The Mark Jones and Cary Bates drafts were the first scripts called Superman Reborn (a title which was eventually changed by Kevin Smith to Superman Lives) and featuring Brainiac, and Superman thought to have died, been killed, in the script. But unfortunately, the script opens with Brainiac enthralled with silly TV comedy shows like I Love Lucy, the Honeymooners. Brainiac has a Space-Ark instead of the Skull Ship. Brainiac comes to Earth to learn about Superman. Brainiac disguises himself as a Earthling in order to fully comprehend Earthlings. Lois Lane decides to leave Superman and quite the Daily Planet and leave Metropolis since Superman can't devote all of his attention to her. Lois hopes to meet someone else with "both feet on the ground." Superman watches the woman he loves walk out of his life. Brainiac shrinks Metropolis and holds it and it's citizens hostage on the Space-Ark. Brainiac publicly battles Superman and appears to have killed Superman. Afterwards, Lois has dinner with Brainiac and he attempts to romance and seduce Lois. "It must be love." Lois says she needs three days to get over Superman before she can give herself to Brainiac. Much of the script features Superman powerlessly stuck in the miniature Kandor wearing a white Kryptonian Kal-El suit with a black "S". After the Kryptonians escape Kandor, they find a new home, a new Krypon. Superman asks Lois to marry him and she accepts. Lex Luthor is completely absent from the script, not even a mention on Luthor.

While not my favorite script, I definitely prefer it over Jonathan Lemkin's Christian Bible-based Superman Reborn script with the immaculate conception, Lois Lane impregnated with Superman's spirit, etc. which deviated waaaay too far from the Superman mythos.

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Manbat I adore you, those articles were amazing thanks!!!
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Honesty, God bless you Man-Bat.
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Wow, brilliant post, man. Seriously, I couldn't possibly counter debate that. That post is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. You're obviously a true scholar of Batman lore
You've convinced me. Well played, sir. It's great to debate with someone who has the hard facts to back up what they say

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