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Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
Why would Nintendo not support it?

And Crysis 3 should definitely be able to run on wii U if it can run on 360 & PS3.
umm wow, where to start? It's cause of that event where Nintendo said no to origin as the main "OS" as an online store on the Wii U. Cause of that event and the fact that another Dev studio Bioware that is owned by EA has not put out every thing that should have been out by now with Mass effect 3, on the system. They might feel like EA will short changed them with Crytek as well, since EA owns both of them as a parent publisher company.

So even if Nintendo were to support it, it's still in EA's power on how good the product will be. As in if they even would allow for it to be even put out on the Wii U .

Also keep in mind game news reporters like the ones from Joystiq have been hounding the head of crytek about this ever showing up on the Wii U and he's been dodgy til now. As if he wasn't allowed to even talk about it. It's possible if say they did still make this and passed it to Nintendo it might cause trouble with their overlords that own them, which is EA. If they ever tried that. Both crytek and Bioware have to still ask approval from them. so Nintendo's say is meaningless.

Also (this may have been unintentional too )with him being dodgy on any Crysis ip ever showing up on Wii U it made alot of people question how powerful the Wii U is and if it can handle it and that might have hurt the Wii U with other developers and their new engines as well to be on it.

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