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Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
Is that the way you figure it? You honestly think that the many Superman scans I posted of humorous Superman moments written by creator Jerry Siegel such as this...
...were intended to be dead serious and not comedic? Or you are just trying to ignore all of those examples I provided. Those moments were obviously intended to be comedic and showed Superman's sense of humor. And of course the many Superman stories featuring Mister Mxyztplk were intended to be comedic. While those Jack Kirby scans I posted were mostly all serious moments, there was some humor included there as well in Scrapper's reaction to the Zoomway. Also in Jack Kirby's run there was insult comedian Don Rickles and Goodie Rickles. Those stories featuring Don Rickles and Goodie Rickles were obviously intended to be comedic.
A bit of misrepresentation. In the first place, you excised the part of my quote where I said “with some exceptions.” Secondly, I’m talking about the original and essential nature of the character as being non-comedic, non-spoof. That’s not the same as being totally devoid of humor. The latter can naturally arise out of certain story contexts (and we might quibble about how flagrant or subtle this should be); the former means that the character and material isn’t taken seriously at all - that they’re the object of intentional ridicule and satire (like the Tick, Stupor Duck or the Ambiguously Gay Duo). Thirdly, no need to cite examples where Supes has, indeed, “jumped the shark” and been reduced to a spoofy version of himself. I know that’s happened; that's what I’m objecting to.

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