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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique: Oscar Winner Edition

I still say there Is decent chance Rebecca will be back In Future scenes.They never Intnded for last stand to be last film with Mystique.On DVD commantary the revealed If not for Rebecca's short lived TV show the plan was for her to be with Magneto In park and reveal her going to government was part of plan.

Mystique's role In films was suspose to be relativly small.Because they liked what Rebecca was doing as Mystique they expanded It to include her mano on mano fight with wolverine and hint of relationship with Wolverine In first film and even more when they did X2.

Plus they need someone other than Xavier and Magneto to be In both timeframes.

And Rebecca Is one of Bryan Singer's circle of actors.Also remember Bryan cast and directed Rebecca's husband In his unsold Pilot Mockinbird Lane.She might have helped Jerry O'Connell get that part.

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