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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

Burton's Batman killed more bad guys than the comics Batman did
Nolan's reject killing
More faithful in that aspect
Originally Posted by theman View Post
also before i say anything more, i want to say that faithfulness to the "source material", especially something as juvenile as a comic book, does not overly concern me as a person. comic books are not classic literature, so whether or not they interprete the ever-changing comic strips is not a very big deal to me. what matters is the film itself and how it effects me, if it rubs me the right way while keeping the general spirit of the character.
The film is important, it and the way it affects the viewer is very important
To say comics are juvenile you say movies are juvenile as well, they are both ways to present stories to their audience, one with moving pictures and sound, another uses still art and text

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