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Default Re: The next Batman composer(s) Thread.

Yeah, definitely no Ross/Reznor for me please. To me what they do is the "Zimmer approach" run amuck into the realm of complete random gibberish. As far as I'm concerned they robbed Zimmer of an Oscar for Inception. It's completely a matter of taste, but it's simply not by cup of tea.

However...I might be more accepting of them or an electronic artist like Daft Punk doing the score if the reboot was Batman Beyond.

Assuming the reboot isn't a Beyond type of thing, I like the John Ottman idea. His Superman Returns score is sadly underrated. And Thomas Newman would be another very classy choice who I'm sure would do great work.

Also, this is pure fanboy wishing but Christopher Drake has impressed me with his work on Dark Knight Returns. I think he has the chops to cross over to film if he wanted to.

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