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Reading Stricks script now and I'm remembering why I hated it more and more as I read through it.

The opening on Krypton is pretty good, it sounds like a horror movie (whuch I thoughts
Gilroy's did but this one even more so) but I'm don't like Brainiacs dialogue it just doesn't read right to me. words like "and fetch my cape" and "Lexcorp here I come" made me cringe, but of course this could have worked better when its acted out.

This goes for the Gilroy script too why not just call K the Eradicator? Such a pointless name change from Smith's script. Also how did Clark know to go to the Arctic? The only (sort of) explanation we get is he looks like he's in a state of hypnosis and Clark says "you activated called me to you" and where supposed to just buy that I mean it but its not preceded by anything?! I mean does Brainiac collecting the bolt activate it? I can't believe Clark just says bye to K aswell it's so casual.

Also people think Superman in Man of Steel looks somber but he's the same in this script. Well as Clark I'm 26 pages in so far and he hasn't turned into Superman once.

This does say first draft though so did Strick do several drafts?

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