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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

I think, Nolan's Catwoman wasn't as convincing in his version of Gotham as Burton's Catwoman in Burton's Gotham.

She was just over the top. Those heels and hip-high boots, flowing hair, contrast make-up... Eye-candy? Oh yes. But it ruined everything that Nolan was constructing through previous movies. What's funny, Selina works great outside her costume, but when she wears it, it turn everything into joke.

I'd prefer a mix between current comic book Catwoman suit (minus cat ears) and those flipping goggles. Less classy, more rebel. Maybe with short hair.

As a summary, I don't think that Anne was a miscast. It's just her Catwoman part was poorly made. But Selina's part was great.

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