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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

Originally Posted by theman View Post
also before i say anything more, i want to say that faithfulness to the "source material", especially something as juvenile as a comic book, does not overly concern me as a person. comic books are not classic literature, so whether or not they interprete the ever-changing comic strips is not a very big deal to me. what matters is the film itself and how it effects me, if it rubs me the right way while keeping the general spirit of the character.
With your first paragraph you lost any weight to your argument. Pretending these films are any different to the childish wish fulfilment of being able to put on a mask and being strong enough to beat up your bullies is a hypocritical opinion of the highest character. However, you took the time to bring up your opinion, so I'll reply fully.

with that said, i know enough about the batman comics to know that the arguments between the "burtonites" and "nolanites" is rediculous. both directors have put there stamp on the character and both are considered the best directors to interpret batman, although i really did enjoy joel schumachers versions as well. however i see that in the fan community there are alot of stupid inane bashing of the older movies because the nolan fans seem threatened that alot of people still prefer burtons version. and in defense they site that burtons was unfaithful to the comics. what. a load. of BULL. if anything nolan got more wrong, and yes, here i will list the reasons.
Each director has shown valid interpretations and aspects of the character. Schumacher displayed the philanthropic side more than Burton or Nolan.

batmans suit. when has it EVER looked like puzzle piece armor with a helmet head and skeleton neck?

the tumbler thing. when has the batmobile EVER looked like a tank? (please dont site the one time only elseworlds DKR)

who the hell is rachel dawes? she was never in the comics.
Max Schreck
Carl Grissom
Jack Napier

Who are those people?

batman faking his death and retiring as batman? ...... this would never happen in the comics.
The Batman of Earth-Two, whilst still in publication retired to become the Commissioner of police. In Kingdom Come Bruce retired from the Batman role. Frank Miller's Batman retires after Jason's death. Not to mention Batman Beyond (though that began as an animated series).

bruce wayne stops crimfighting for 7 years after harvey died??? another WTF decision by nolan. batman would never do this in the comics.
I didn't like the retirement plot point of TDKR, either. I'd have had being Batman as like a drug for Bruce, and he only stopped when his body stopped.

scarecrow wears nothing but a simple burlap bag over his head, looking like a common hood and not the costumed horrific master of terror like he in the comics and the akrham assylum game.
In the Arkham series, Scarecrow wears an "Arkhamised" version of the Nolan Scarecrow duds, namely he wears the normal Arkham inmate clothing with the Scarecrow mask. Also, the look has been adopted for a while now.

catwoman looking more like julie newmar from the 60's show and not like the masked avenger of the comics. this is clearly a case where burton trumps nolan. also, no whip??? only a gun??? cmon now, this is a hallmark of the character.
Catwoman has existed for longer without the full black bodysuit than with it. He just chose a different mask. I've never seen Robin wear a big red bird on his chest.

when has joker EVER been a greasy long hair painted up psycho? he was supposed to be dropped in the vat of acid that made his skin white and everything. thats the official comics canon, not this nolanized made-up "realistic" joker whos no different then your average serial killer with a brain.
In 2006's The Clown At Midnight (A reference book used by Chris and Heath) Grant Morrison describes Joker as having long greasy hair. And The Dark Knight Returns and Grant Morrison has shown that Joker wears make up. Also, Joker has no origin, the official stance is he was almost definitely one of many Red Hoods.

of course alot of people may point out "when did penguin ever look like a pale ugly deformed mutant with green bile and living in the sewers?" yes thats true, which basically proves my point that nolan and burton took about the same liberties.
I'd disagree. Tim Burton has to turn all his villains into monsters. Tim Burton's Batman Returns has Batman essentially facing up against Killer Croc, he is very much, Penguin in name only. Penguin is a fully fledged mobster, not monster.

burtons joker wasnt changed very much frrom the comics.nolans Ra's wasnt changed very much from the comics.
Not enough to ruin the characters, no.

but burtons penguin and nolans joker were both RADICAL departures from there comic counterparts.
No, Joker suffered from a minor aesthetic deviation, that was used as a metaphor of his psyche. Penguin suffered from huge narrative and aesthetic departures.

then there are the aesthetic choices, like making gotham city into a normal everyday place and not the dark creepy foreboding city of the comics or past films.
This I agree with. However, I don't think any director as of yet has done Gotham justice, the closest being Batman Begins.

much of nolans creative choices just seem so uninspired to me. and the acting is so underplayed it makes me yearn for those dramatic slightly over the top villian performances of yesteryear.
I wouldn't say they were underplayed. Nolan's villains were supposed to feel like real tangible people with believable emotions and reactions to events. He's done the best adaptations of characters, but limited himself by the choice of setting.

these are just some of the complaints i have against nolan. i just wanted to point out that nolan is really no better then any of the other directors as far as faithfulness goes. i would even say nolan took far more libertites then burton or schumacher did.
You'd be wrong in saying that though.

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