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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

Everyone keeps saying Parker was an ***hat in TASM I disagree the three scenes mentioned above 1. Less of a **** and more of a funny moment He didn't know that was going to happen. 2 That was a great scene Imagine being told you're so much like your father and that he believed people had responsibilities they had to do but he left his son in his brothers care and never came back I would of been upset at that too. 3 Was just corny but not a ****head as many call him

I recently just watched SM2 again and I really saw just How cheesy corny and downright horrid MJ and Maguire's Peter were. As much as I still love it for just being a great *** time I've come to accept that TASM is the more enjoyable film for me because I love the direction Webb is taking.
TASM had the perfect portrayal of Parker we've seen, the chemistry between Garfield and Stone was awesome and the one thing we've been waiting to see was finally there: A wisecracking Spider-Man "Ohhhh the boys in blue are here!" Was just awesome.
In the end TASM comes first then SM2 then SM and lastly SM3.
My thoughts on SM3 it coulda been better than SM2 if they woulda ditched the whole Black suit Venom aspect Take that out and SM3 is pretty good Especially Harry as Hobgoblin

1) Man of Steel 2) Thor 2 3) The Wolverine 4) Pacific Rim 5) Iron Man 3 6) Oblivion 7) Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 8) Ender's Game 9) Beautiful Creatures 10) After Earth
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