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Default Re: You'll Believe a Man can Lounge

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
So I lost my low paying job a month or so ago. I thought about becoming a hooker but it just seems like I'd be terrible at that.
Sorry to hear that ISS, I was unemployed myself for quite some time a couple years ago. Never a happy time. Just don't get too used to the free time and fall into an unmotivated rut like I did.

Thanks for that post, moviefreak! RE: German Expressionism - Fritz Lang's M is one of my all-time favorite films. It was made pretty soon after the advent of sound, so it is a perfect example of how silent film directors made the transition to the new form of cinema. In the process, Lang's unusual application of sound made for a truly riveting, unsettling (in an almost Fincher-esque kind of way) experience. Plus, Peter Lorre was awesome. If anyone here hasn't seen it and has a couple of hours to spare, I'd highly recommend it. Noferatu and Metropolis are pretty fantastic, too.


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