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When someone does a script/draft, they always put first draft on the...first draft, to set up future drafts. You could have just one script, that's titled first draft, and that would be a way of saying that you planned ahead, sorta speak.

To point out, or defend, your comments BH/HHH: if the dialogue sucked in the script, it doesn't mean that would've been said on the set. Case in point: Batman (1989). "I'am the night" wasn't a line that gave Batman that "kick" in his first scene, but "I'm Batman" really did. This is always the case with scripts anyway: you write the dialogue, but that doesn't mean all of it will be said in the film, otherwise it would feel like the actors are reading from a script instead of saying things naturally. Plus, these scripts never had that final rewrite, called shooting scripts. Because the movie was never shot.

As for K, instead of the Eradicator: given the similarites, sure, but the differences are enought for me to see the reason for the name change.

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