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Default Re: The Storyline Thread

Have the first film in the series be an adaptation of The Monster Men:

A strange fog besets Gotham. Many robberies happen and inmates are taken from Arkham Asylum. Batman almost tracks the "concentrated lightning" machine at Hugo Stranges 'lair' but Strange sees him coming and moves the machine.

Now more crimes are being committed but; these are different. At the crimes scenes, mutilated bodies are left with clues that lead no where. Strange develops several monsters including Solomon Grundy and Killer Croc.

Batman confronts Killer Croc, but Croc escapes into the sewers. (He will appear in later films). Strange has to keep robbing banks to pay back Carmine Falcone who has been funding Strange's experiments.

Batman finally pieces together the clues and uncovers Strange's 'lair'. He rushes in unprepared and Strange sets Grundy and his other monsters with a "rage virus". Batman barely escapes and Strange becomes very interested in him.

Batman then has to take down the monster men. Croc remains at large and Strange escapes. Also, have Julie Madison be the recurring love interest until the 3rd film.

Also, somewhere in there, Batman needs to recognize Strange as "the most dangerous man on the planet"

Strange would be a great rival to Batman's intelligence and detective skills

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