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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

So I'm thinking of selling my TDK MM collection... I was just wondering if anyone here could suggest around what I should sell it for or if anyone wants to make an offer for it before I put it on ebay..

Here's a link to pics of the collection and detailed pics of some customs/mods

In the collection...
(everything is loose and no breaks/damages)
Complete Bat signal w/ "broken" variant piece from gordon
Various guns from TDK and Walking Dead that fit perfectly
Black Mask (custom , sculpted, painted and sealed)
Joker (modified face paint)
Joker (modified face paint and jacket)
Jail scene Joker (modified face paint)
Two-Face (modified face paint and jacket)
Ras Al Ghul
Bank robber Joker
Gotham Thugs x2
Harvey Dent
Comm Jim Gordon (walmart ex)
John Blake
Bruce Wayne (custom)
Batman (TDKR)
Batman (TDKR TRU 2-pack ex cloth cape)
Survival suit Bruce Wayne
Catwoman GU
Catwoman GD

PM me if anyone's interested in the lot, also looking for price suggestions for Ebay.

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