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Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
I appreciate you playing with me. Good to keep an open mind, in case the movie comes out and it turns out you are wrong.

1. to lead up to Ant-Man without the protagonist (Hank) stealing the show.
2. I'll answer this with a question. Why do you believe its diluting a film that is one installment in a film universe that is supposed to be 100% cohesive? In other words, why is Wasp any less of a Marvel Universe (aka Iron Man universe) character than Pepper or Rhodey?
3. See answer #1. Ant-Man appearing in Iron Man is a teamup. Wasp appearing in Iron Man is a cameo. Not to mention, we don't know if Hank will or won't show up in any Phase 2 film.
4. idk. ask Hawkeye.
5. The shroud of secrecy is for us, the fanboys. So we talk about it and get hyped about it. As we are doing right this second. The character itself, might (wait for it...) JUST might actually be relevant to the story. omg... relevant to the story? you don't say!

A better way to word your fifth question would be "Why would someone like Bethany Cabe or Madame Masque or Justine Hammer (or whoever you think she's playing) be shrouded in secrecy?"
LMAO Greatest comeback so far!!!
And to add to it Wasp is definitely a character fanboys would go crazy over. People love her more than Pym. She's one of the most famous Marvel female heroes. So yeah her inclusion would make us go bat**** crazy.

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