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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I'm beginning to wonder now if the events of "Winter Soldier" take place right around the same time as "Iron Man 3" does because of the recent info that's been revealed about "Iron Man 3".

It's stated that the President of the US declares war on Mandarin, and that Rhodey's change in his War Machine Design to the Iron Patriot is meant to further symbolize the whole Americana theme when going up against Mandarin as well.

Unless Steve was doing something that was of high importance (which really, the only thing that I can consider to be more important than taking on the Mandarin would be whatever he's about to face in WS), why wouldn't he be assigned to tackle the matter, especially if Stark is considered Dead during that period.
It would be interesting if IM3 and CATWS dovetailed together in some fashion over that; but you're right, there's no way they can avoid addressing Cap's iconography on the Iron Patriot armor. Maybe Cap *will* be part of the "War on Ten Rings," and they'll show Crossbones and Zola and Bucky and HYDRA or whoever Cap fights as having ties to Mandy. The fact that Mandarin is sporting some Captain America iconography and tattoos of his own kinda lend credence to that theory.


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