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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
It didn't ruin anything that Nolan was constructing through previous movies. That doesn't make sense OutOfBoose.
It did. And I'll explain why.

And i didn't think she was any more over the top than the Joker or Batman himself.
Joker was just a psychopath criminal. His look is explained. Joker was probably the most grounded villain in the trilogy. I ignore Talia, because she barely existed, and she was poorly written and delivered.

Batman was carefully explained through the movies. There's only two things about him that can be considered over-the-top: the mask and the cape. But they make perfect sense in the story.

Catwoman. The only device, that makes sense, is her belt. Even the goggles were spoiled by the mask, that doesn't hide anything. Red lipstick make-up. What for? How does it help her in her job? Hip-high boots and long gloves? Again - what for? Just for eye-candy. Heels. Alright, it can be a dangerous weapon, but she barely uses it in the movie. Guns work so much better in her hands. Also, heels are incredible unpractical. Even with her agility. Costume is beautiful. But it doesn't work.

If you want a techie Catwoman, go for it. Skin-tight costume would make her sexy-enough, without those silly long gloves and hessian boots on stilettos. Give her practical footwear, a cowl, that hides her hair and identity, remove the lipstick, because it makes no sense. The belt - OK. The goggles - OK. And, if you really want to show her as a master of disguise, she can go classy on public. JUST LIKE IN THE COMICS.

If it turned into a joke when she wore the costume then you might as well say the same thing about Pfeiffer when she wore hers. I dont agree with that at all. For Michelle OR Anne.
No, I can't say the same about Michelle. Burton's Batman world was over-the-top from the very start. It had distinct style and Catwoman fit in it perfectly. With the rest of the crazy bunch. Nolan's Catwoman violates the rules of the trilogy. She's the only character, that lacks credibility. Sadly.

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