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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by DarknessOfDeath View Post
So i watched XO:W yesterday and...I didn't like it that much. it was okay. Reynolds was good as Wade but didn't like the end part of what they did to his character.
Yeah, pretty frustrating. Deadpool could have fit very well in that film, the filmmakers/studio just had no idea why hes a cool character or works. They have like 80 concept designs online and not one looked like his comic counterpart. They were purposely trying to not make him like the comic in argument it wouldnt work in a Wolverine film. Cause its not "realistic" hahaha. Yet their idea of realistic were arm katanas, Laser eyes and being a brainless mouth stitched, zombie controlled by a 70s computer. Worst adaptation of a character Ive seen. Reynolds did do a good job pre Deadpool though.

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