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Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
That might have been concept art for the Plutonian Gnaw Beast, fits the description in the Wesley Strick script, or that could have been concept art for a member of Brainiac's Beast Brigade. There is a ton of creatures in Wesley Strick's script that Tim Burton intended to film.

Yet, you say you like the opening scene on Krypton, you like the Superman vs. Plutonian Gnaw Beast scene in Wesley Strick's script.

I don't agree that Brainiac's scripted dialogue such as "and fetch my cape" and "Lexcorp, here I come" is bad. Brainiac is a computer, but, like Hal-9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Brainiac clearly isn't devoid of emotions, which makes a computer character more interesting.

The Eradicator was created by Roger Stern in Action Comics Annual #2 (1989) as a device from Krypton corrupted by Kem-L with a mission to preserve Kryptonian culture by eradicating all others — and thus the device was named the "Eradicator." In the comics the Eradicator tried to transform Earth into a new Krypton and Superman into Krypton Man. Superman eventually had to break the Eradicator's programming, fights it and throws it into the Sun in the comics.

While the Eradicator name comes from the comics, it doesn't make sense for the character to be called that in the context of the Superman Lives scripts by Kevin Smith and Wesley Strick and Dan Gilroy, since the Kryptonian device created by Jor-El in the Superman Lives scripts is a peaceful protector of Kal-El, not trying to eradicate non-Kryponian cultures. So Wesley Strick gave him a much friendlier, more peaceful sounding name, as K.

K psychopathically lead Clark to the Fortress in the Artic in Wesley Strick's script.

There is reasoning behind why he suddenly left K in Wesley Strick's script:

If I'm in danger, then so is
Metropolis. So is Earth ...

That would follow.

Clark's first response is instinctive:

Then I've got to get back --

CLARK (cont'd)
Nice to meet you, K ... Take care.

We haven't seen the Snyder/Cavill Superman/Clark even smile in the trailers or promotional pictures of Man of Steel. The Wesley Strick script says Tim Burton's Superman Lives Clark actually smiles. And while talking to K the script says Clark tries to make light of the situation. As Superman walks with Lois Lane a little girl asks...

C'n I get his autograph?

Leave him be, they look so happy.
Ahhh fair enough.

To be fair I did say I was hating it more and more after that Krypton scene which I do think is really good. And I didn't start to like anything again until the Gnaw beast moment. Its like Superman Returns I love the plane scene and a few others but I don't really care for the movie as a whole.

Fair enough on the Eradicator but I still think they could've come up wit something better than K. But that is just me been nitpicky

I still don't like Brainiacs dialogue I guess when I think of him I think of the Superman the Animated Series version. As this version is also a computer I think he should be emotionless.

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