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I'm going withe the idea we meet a new Batman in Justice League and including all relevant details from the new solo film on.

Film one: Established Batman investigates Prof. Hugo Strange, Arkham Asylum's new operator, and his ties to the deaths of the Flying Graysons. Batman uncovers that Strange had them killed to punish the Penguin, who was hosting their circus in the Ice Berg Lounge, via bad publicity. Strange's power play in the Underworld also unleashes both his monster men and uses Eco terrorist Pamela "Poison Ivy" Isely's unique immune system and his TITAN formula for biological warfare. The climax features Batman and Dick Grayson as Robin revealing Strange's duplicity and evil right before Poison Ivy, now at full power, destroys his new prison complex and has a plant seemingly eat Strange before Batman takes her down. Subplots include Catwoman coming into her own and beginning her flirtatious banter with Batman, and Bruce Wayne building his playboy reputation by flirting with both Selina Kyle and Vicky Vale at the same time. Joker has five minutes to scare everyone.

Film 2: Main conflict is Riddler versus Batman, with Riddler being employed by Penguin to terrorize sections of the city and keep Batman occupied, but acting mostly on his own after catching the "who is Batman?" bug. Killer Croc acts as Penguin's bodyguard and hit man when Batman comes after both villains alongside Dick Grayson. Dick, meanwhile, is cultivating his own contacts with two computer hackers, one the unseen Internet detective Red Bird and the other the super hacker Barbara Gordon and Batman encounters a ballsy Jason Todd who tries to jack the tire off the Batmobile in Crime Alley. Batman also reunites with his old lover Talia Damon while continuing to flirt with Selina Kyle, and ends the film with both women realizing his secret identity and Riddler defeated while Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing and Jason Todd gets training to become Robin.

Justice League 2: Ra's Al Ghul, as part of the leading council of the Legion of Doom, implements stolen contingency plans from Batman, leading Batman to realize that Talia is his daughter. Warning the Flash, Batman manages to stop the plans, and the League saves the day.

Film 3: A Trinity film with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as the heroes. More of an inter-quel between two Justice League films as the heroes try and end Lex Luthor's presidential campaign, while he also tries to take over the Legion of Doom where he is allied with The Joker and the Cheetah. Batman tangles with a defeats the bad guys' trump card Parasite, but Luthor reveals he has one more ace up his sleeve. The Joker, financed by the bad guys, plants multiple bombs all across the world with darkly humorous targets taken into account. The grounded Jason Todd gets in contact with Red Robin and Oracle and sneaks out of Gotham to save the life of Commisioner Gordon. Oracle narrowly avoids being crippled and displays some fighting skills, but Jason ends up rescuing some little kids and getting a beat down from the Joker, who leaves him on a bobby trapped plane loaded with children. Batman discovers what's happening midway through fighting the other villains, so Superman takes off after the plane, while Batman waits for the Batplane. Jason has Red Bird take over the plane remotely and put it over the sea and towards an airstrip while dragging the bomb towards the back of the plane. He throws the bomb out of the plane, but it detonates almost immediately after, killing him and damaging the plane. Superman catches the plane and sets it down, and Batman arrives in time to discover Jason's body. The heroes than track down Joker, who's betrayed Luthor as well, exposing his evil to the press and hijacking one of his submarines. They manage to stop the sub, Joker apparently drowns. The film ends with Bruce meeting Red Bird's real identity, Tim Drake, who earlier called in Nightwing to stop Batman from losing control and who Jason had marked as a future successor. We end with an obviously disenchanted Ra's deserting the Legion as Lex takes it over, while Talia seems oddly fixated on her stomach.

Justice League finale: remaining Legion members team up with the League when Darkseid unleashes the Anti-Life Equation and takes over 2 billion human minds and enlists another 2 billion via intimidation and seeks to take over the rest of the world. Batman ends up teamed with Nightwing, Ra's Al Ghul and Catwoman in a last stand when Robin(Tim Drake) gets taken over alongside Talia. One of Ra's's reluctant henchmen, a young girl, teams up with Oracle to catch the dangerous Robin and beats him in hand to hand conflict. She ends up paired with Batman as they take down bad guys, until Batman gets a hold of Darkseid's god-killer gun and goes out like in Infinite Crisis. After Superman avenges Batman's death by finishing off Darkseid, we see the Bat family, with the girl, Cassandra Cain, now a part of it, gathering at Bruce's grave before Dick assumes the mantle as the new Batman. A depressed Tim Drake seems to go unstable, but ends up convincing Oracle to let Cassandra Cain go with him to check out a lead-an intricate secret message in an ancient cave painting of a Bat signed Wayne.

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