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The time leading up to the release is always an exiting one for me. The crazy ass rumors coming from left and right, and this time I'm not gonna be so quick to brush them off like I did with the trailer description that came out, thought it was made up crap, but turned out to be genuine, so this time, maybe I pay closer attention and hope that some of this is true.

For those that keep saying that Nolans Batman is grounded in reality, it can easily be fixed. After the battle that takes place in Metropolis between Supes and Zod, they could easily explain that Bruce got a hold of a lot of that technology from the (presumably) wrecked kryptonian ships across Metropolis and designed some nifty gadgets that would make him more like his comic book counterpart. The invasion brings things into perspective that he can still serve a purpose on a much larger scale and joins Superman on brand new adventure that's sure to make WB the billions there hoping for.

Oh and in my very honest opinion here they should do a worlds finest movie first, and then adding a few other members for the sequel which would obviously be Justice League.

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